Friday, August 26, 2011


Just got this notice from township officials:

Shelter – The DeHart Community Center will be opened if the need arises in case of power outage. Residents must contact the police department at 973-762-1234 for assistance.

Police Information - Overnight Parking is NOT permitted during the State of Emergency. 

All residents and visitors must find alternative (off-street) parking. Vehicles inhibiting emergency response efforts are subject to summons and tow removal due to the emergency.   
Please check the New Jersey State Office of Emergency Management website for emergency preparedness information.

Other Important Information - Please try to minimize the amount of water discharged in to your sewer; this will help prevent flooding in your neighbors’ homes.
Please make sure your sanitary sewer cap is on and tight; this will help prevent sewage backing up in to your home.

If you don’t have power you should notify PSEG directly.

If a Township tree falls near your house please call the Police Department.  Please let them know if the tree took any wires down with it.  If wires do come down with the tree, the DPW will have to wait until PSEG gives them permission to work on the tree

If a hazardous condition exists, the residents should not wander outside of their homes during or after the storm until emergency services respond to the condition. At that time, they will advise you as to what action should be taken.

Please do NOT call the Department of Public Works for a flooding or tree emergency during the weekend hours, these calls should go directly to the Police Department.

Please remember that your safety is of paramount importance to us and the Township is preparing to respond to all types of emergencies.

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