Wednesday, June 29, 2016


From Maplewood Police:

Advisory: Power outage in the area between Springfield Ave. and Burnett Ave. from Chancellor Ave. to Rutgers St. Utility Company investigating.


As Maplewoodstock approaches on July 9 and 10th, the festival that is now in its 13th year is tightening restrictions on tents, canopies and saving spaces.

Among the tighter controls, below, a new "canopy zone" limiting where the tent-like structures can be placed, and a new rule disallowing them to be set up the night before Day One and requiring they be removed after each day's events.

And spaces cannot be saved by blankets left empty. Organizers say if you are not at your blanket or canopy, others can use the space in your absence.

See the new policies below:

Blankets and Canopy Policy
Your enthusiastic support of our festival has grown over our 13 years to a point where we attract a daily crowd of nearly 7,000 people.  That growth requires us to continually re-assess our policies so that we can provide a safe, enjoyable, and family-friendly event.
Over the last few years, we’ve had larger and earlier-arriving crowds – including (a) an ever-growing number of canopies (including tents, gazebos, and umbrellas) and people spreading down the hill towards the stage and (b) an increasing amount of people are placing down blankets to “hold a space” early in the morning, but not actually occupying the space until later in the day, or even the next evening.
In order to ensure fair views and access for all, we have established this policy for our 2016 festival.
1.    We will establish a “Canopy Zone” -- a clearly marked area on the hill in which canopies may be set up.  No canopies (including tents, gazebos, and umbrellas) may be situated outside the Canopy Zone or prior to the Zone being established.  We reserve the right to re-mark or adjust our zones at any time during the festival to improve safety and visibility. In addition, in accordance with a town ordinance now being enforced, unless you are a contracted food or art vendor, ALL canopies and tents must be removed after each evening – audience members can no longer leave a tent up overnight- it will be removed per the Maplewood Township administrator. Just “breaking down” or collapsing your tent won’t be sufficient. No set up of tents or canopies will be allowed until Saturday morning after 8AM.
2.    To ensure sightlines, only open-sided canopies are allowed.  Close-sided structures of any type are prohibited.
3.    No canopy or blanket may exceed a 10’ x 10’ area.  In addition, to ensure sightlines, canopies must be raised to a height of no less than 7 feet (ground to bottom of canopy top).
4.    Arts, Food, and Kid Zone vendors will not be affected by this policy.
5.    Small personal and compact canopies (e.g. attached to the back of a lawn chair) or umbrellas (in hand) will typically be fine.
6.    If you’re not there, expect to share. If you are not present, but are simply holding a space with a blanket or canopy to come back at a later time, others may temporarily and respectfully occupy your space in your absence.  Upon your return, they will be expected to move on.  This is a common practice and policy at other similar music festivals.
7.    We will establish 3-4 (clearly-marked) aisles of passage down and across the hill that will remain absolutely free and clear of any furniture, blankets, or any other material.
8.    As always, all blankets, canopies, chairs, coolers, etc. are left on the hill during the festival at the risk of the owners.  Maplewoodstock is not responsible for any loss or movement of anything left on grounds before, during, or after our event.
9.    We ask for everyone’s cooperation.  Our audiences are always great, but please know that Maplewoodstock and the Maplewood Police Department will proactively enforce this new policy as necessary.


We told you in May about the big changes coming to the July 4th celebration this year. 

Among them, expanded fenced in area for paying participants, consolidated happenings in Memorial Park (no more Woodland or Town Hall events), and a car show.

See background on that HERE.

But now the official map has been issued showing what will happen and where (See that below) and more info HERE. 

And, of course, the tickets are the same as last year at $15 for fireworks and the circus, and $10 just for fireworks.

As in the past, a reminder that these fireworks are not free. All funds are raised through tickets and no Township or taxpayer money. So if you go to watch, make sure to pay your fair share.



 Yoga for Little Ones

Hilton Branch ● Ages 2-5 Drop In
Come with your preschooler and learn some yoga poses… good for the body AND the mind! Presented by Yoga Instructor Dawn Yoselowitz. 11 a.m.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


From Maplewood Police Today:

June 20, 2016; Theft from Auto; At approximately 5:15 PM, two males removed items from two vehicles parked on Springfield Ave.  They were confronted by the victims and then fled towards Irvington. Officers were able to locate the actors, Anquan Holmes, age 19 of Orange and Marvin Jones, age 20 of Orange.  Both individuals were taken into custody and charged with theft as well as receiving of stolen property.

June 21, 2016; Theft from Auto; During the overnight hours, a laptop was removed from an unlocked vehicle parked on Coolidge Rd.

June 22, 2016; Bicycle Theft; During a two day period, two bicycles were stolen from the basement of an apartment complex on Elmwood Ave

June 23, 2016; Theft; A Chinese food delivery man attempted to make a delivery on Midland Blvd.  He was met by a male that took the food and then fled without paying.

June 25, 2016; Motor Vehicle theft; Sometime over the previous three days a Ford van was stolen from the lot of the Delta Gas Station on Valley St.

June 26, 2016; Theft from Auto; During the overnight hours, an unsecured vehicle parked at a Maplewood Ave residence was entered and a wallet and cash removed.

June 26, 2016; Motor Vehicle theft; During the overnight hours a Toyota Camry parked on Berkley St was stolen.

June 26, 2016; Motor Vehicle Theft; During the overnight hours an unsecured Jeep was stolen from a residence on Claremont Ave.  It was later recovered in Orange.

The Maplewood Police Department works hard to protect the residents and their property.  We are asking that you assist us in this effort by making sure all vehicles and homes are properly secured at all times.  Thank you


From the Maplewood Pool today:

Due to maintenance the diving tank will be closed today Tuesday 6/28. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you


The Board of Education last week approved emergency repair work for the Columbia High School auditorium after a water faucet left on over the Memorial Day weekend sparked a flood that damaged the auditorium.

The board voted, 8-1, on the measure that authorizes repairs and clean-up of the auditorium, but does not indicate how much it will cost. Board Member Johanna Wright cast the lone opposing vote.

District Spokeswoman Suzanne Turner confirmed via email that "a water faucet was left on by a staff member which resulted in damage. The cost is still being assessed by our insurance company."

She declined to say who or what kind of staff member left the faucet on or if any punishment or discipline had resulted for the staff member.


From Maplewood Police:

On Tuesday June 28th, there will be construction trucks on Maplewood Ave. removing debris at the old Post Office. Two officers on scene to assist. Expect delays