Sunday, September 25, 2016



Mike Summersgill
Republican Township Committee Candidate Mike Summersgill says he does not support Donald Trump and will not vote for him in November.

"I don't support Donald Trump," Summersgill told in an interview this week. "I didn't vote for him (in the primary) and I knew it was largely symbolic as many Republicans in Maplewood did."

Summersgill, who is facing Democrat Frank McGehee in the Nov. 8 election, made the comments during a lengthy podcast interview with, which will be posted in early October. 

Donald Trump
"A lot of my concern around Donald Trump is I don't think he's qualified," Summersgill added. "He's done nothing to surround himself with good people to give him, A, good advice, or insight."

The question of Summersgill's view of Trump, as a Republican himself, has come up in the campaign as people have asked him if he will support the real estate mogul, whose record of lies, offensive comments and racist views has driven many Republicans away.

"I can't support someone that doesn't recognize they need the advice of people that know what they're talking about, and that could be on any issue," Summersgill said, later adding, "I don't want to see how that manifests itself with someone in the highest position in our country."

He also said, "I'm worried what the future holds and I would like to see us work past partisanship to compromise ... I can't really see at this point Trump changing enough to get my vote."

Asked if this means he will vote for Hillary Clinton, Summersgill said he had not made up his mind, but made clear it would not be Trump. 

"I really am taking a look at (Green Party nominee) Jill Stein, as well as the Libertarian candidate (Gary Johnson)," Summersgill said. "There's been some things around Hillary Clinton that have resonated with me that I wasn't aware of. Her start in politics, her service of children and as a lawyer, what she was advocating for. "

But, he said, "I don't find her likeable, which I think is the same as many people in the country. And then it's a matter of well, do you have to like a person for them to do a good job? The answer to that question is no. But it doesn't make it easier to pull the lever for them come November."



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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Columbia High School's football team lost a tough one in West Orange Friday night, 36-7.

See the stats HERE

But they come back home next week against Morristown at Underhill Field.


School Board President Elizabeth Baker on Monday was put in the awkward position of telling a group of residents who addressed the board that their comments could not be considered.

More than a dozen Columbia High School baseball players, past and present, and several parents, showed up in force to counter claims of harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB) against CHS baseball coaches Joe Fischetti and Matthew Becht.

The district recently chose not to reappoint them for the 2017 season, posting a job opening for a new coach. The parents and students -- many of them in the CHS Baseball Boosters -- spoke out on their opposition to this decision and provided what they claimed were documents proving the dismissal of the coaches was unfair.

But before the attendees spoke during public comment, Baker told them that their comments could not be considered in the case of alleged bullying by the coaches because testimony in those cases had already been heard in the formal hearing process. 

"The district undertook an HIB investigation regarding the allegations in the baseball program and we hired an outside investigator," Baker told the crowd. "That investigation took place over several months, a report was issued to the superintendent and the superintendent has made findings.

"The board in accordance with the HIB procedure has considered those findings and took action. We cannot tell you what the allegations are, we cannot tell you who those parties are, we cannot tell you what the findings were."

"Numerous parties have requested appeals hearings, those appeals hearings were underway in our executive session, they're pending. the board is in a period of deliberation."

She said a decision would occur next month.

"Even when there is a decision, there are many details we cannot share with you," Baker explained. "That is the law and we have to follow it.

"Because we are in a period of deliberation and there have been actual hearings, any statements that are made tonight that you wish us to consider in the course of those hearings are not properly considered. They're not properly before the board. The parties to the proceedings have been able to present their evidence and testimony to the board. If they wanted to present witnesses they had the opportunity to do so."

"So while I understand there are many speakers here and I'm sure many people of goodwill who wish to be heard, your statement cannot properly be considered in the HIB hearing. It does not mean you won't have the right to speak, but we want everyone to understand the context for these statements and the process."

Later in the meeting, when one of the speakers, former CHS baseball player Steve Tomayo, a 2010 graduate, accused those who have criticized the coaches of making up the story, Baker had to step in again.

"When kids don't get what they want they will twist and turn every story to make it sounds like they deserve something," Tomayo said. "They will make up fake stories of bullying and drag a case on for more than a year.

Baker interrupted and stated: "I just want to advise you that the bylaws require that we speak in a respectful manner and that we don't violate students rights. I am warning you that I think your statement is treading that very fine line."

After he finished, she added, "I want to remind each and every member of this audience that we are a community that has to engage in a dialogue that is based on respect, even if we disagree, we may not engage in name-calling or accusations just because we disagree with a position that someone has taken."


The Township is holding a flu clinic today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Town Hall.

And under new legislation passed this week, shots are free for Maplewood seniors and anyone on Medicare or Medicaid. $20 for everyone else. Adults only.

Friday, September 23, 2016


The Columbia High School football team, fresh off their first victory of the year last week against East Orange, travels to West Orange for their next game tonight at 7 p.m.

West Orange High School's field is at 51 Conforti Ave., with a parking entrance on Pleasant Valley Way.

Head out and root them on!