Monday, June 26, 2017


From Maplewood Police:

June 13, 2017; Robbery; At approximately 3 AM, two males got into an argument at the 7-11 on Irvington Ave.  One male then attempted to take the others keys before fleeing when the police where called.  Officers checked the area, but where unable to locate the male.  The victim was not injured.

June 13, 2017; Attempted Burglary; Sometime over the previous two weeks the screen to a sun room on Lancaster Ave was cut.  Entry was not made to the home.

June 15, 2017; Robbery; At approximately 1 AM, a food deliveryman was making a delivery on the 200 block of Elmwood Ave.  When returning to his vehicle, he was approached by two males who struck him, displayed a handgun and took his cell phone and money.  The males then fled the scene.  The victim received minor injuries, but refused medical attention.


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