Friday, June 16, 2017


The school district sought to update parents at Thursday night's school board meeting on the findings of high lead levels in nine drinking water sources in five schools this week, but stopped short of announcing district-wide lead testing for students.

In comments to residents who attend the meeting, Superintendent John Ramos said 

Based on the recommendation of our District physician, we 
encourage any families who are concerned to speak to your 
family physician and ask about any lead testing that
he or she may have conducted for your children.

We are also researching the possibility of arranging for free 
lead testing for anyone who, for whatever reason, does not 
want to use their personal or family doctor. As a public school 
district, we are held to very tight guidelines about how we are able 
to spend taxpayer dollars. In addition, we have discovered that labs
have strict guidelines about testing as well. So this is proving to 
be more complicated than expected.

We are holding a community Q&A session this Saturday at 10am at 
Seth Boyden. Local health officers and experts in lead in drinking 
water will be on hand to explain the findings and answer questions 
from parents, guardians, students and staff.  Free childcare will 
be available, so we hope that all concerned community members 
will be able to participate.

See his comments and related views from School Board President Elizabeth Baker below:

The district has taken those nine drinking water sources out of service, along with three other drinking fountains at South Orange Middle School after the results of their testing was lost. 

But the district had no new information on why the nine sources were found to have high lead levels this year, but not last year when similar tests were done.

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