Monday, June 19, 2017


Mayor Vic Deluca posted a new update on the coming NJ Transit Midtown Direct diversion of trains to Hoboken for July and August with information on jitney changes, monthly passes and a possible direct bus route to New York.

As we have reported in the past, the transit agency is re-routing all NYC-bound trains to Hoboken between July 10 and September 1, except for three early-morning trains. See information on those HERE.

Deluca's update indicated commuters should buy the monthly Hoboken pass for July to enable cross-honoring with PATH and the ferries; Maplewood jitney schedule may be adjusted to help accommodate the changes to train schedules; and talks are occurring with a private bus company to run direct buses from Maplewood to NYC.

See Deluca's update below:

NJ Transit Update – June 18, 2017

Monthly Rail Passes – If you are purchasing a monthly rail pass for July, buy the reduced Hoboken monthly pass and not the NYC pass.
You will be able to use the Hoboken monthly pass on the NYC trains before July 10th and for the early morning trains to NYC starting on July 10th. The Hoboken monthly pass will be used for cross honoring with PATH, NJ Transit buses and the ferries. You will be able to use the Hoboken monthly pass on weekend trains directly to and from NYC.

Maplewood Jitney
The Township Committee asked municipal administrators to explore starting the jitneys earlier to accommodate commuters riding the very early NYC direct trains (5:04 and 5:49).

The balance of the jitney schedule will be adjusted to meet NJ Transit’s revised morning train schedule. The evening jitney schedule will be adjusted to meet NJ Transit’s revised evening train schedule. 

Direct Buses to NYC
NJ Transit has refused to put buses at the Maplewood Train Station or other Morris and Essex Train Stations other than South Orange and Newark Broad.

We are exploring if we have the capacity to run a jitney bus to take Maplewood commuters to South Orange to board the NYC direct buses.
We also are speaking with a private bus service (Skedaddle) to see if there is a way to get bus service provided from Maplewood. This service will be at a premium price and there will be no cross honoring with a NJ Transit rail ticket. 

PATH Cross Honoring
According to NJ Transit, operational and layout restrictions will allow it to honor Hoboken rail tickets only at Hoboken, 33rd Street and the World Trade Center. NJ Transit rail tickets will not be cross honored at Christopher, 9th, 14th and 23rd street stations.

Parking at the Maplewood Train Station
Commuters with valid Maplewood parking permits will continue to be able to park on the streets surrounding the train station. The Police will issue an operational order allowing commuter parking with a permit earlier than 6am to allow for boarding the earlier trains to NYC and Hoboken.

NJ Transit Ambassadors
We asked and NJ Transit agreed to have ambassadors at the Maplewood Train Station before July 10th and the first week of the Hoboken diversion to answer questions and assist commuters in making the best travel decisions.

We will provide updates as more information becomes available.
Please visit the FAQs NJ Transit has put up on its website

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