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More details emerged this week about the allegations against Columbia High School teacher Nicole Dufault, who is accused of improper sexual relations with up to six under-aged students.

According to a judge's ruling issued this week downgrading some of the charges in the case, Dufault allegedly performed sex in classrooms at CHS, in the Burger King parking lot, and threatened to stop altering a student's records if he did not comply, reports

The decision also indicates at least three of the students were involved in the summer Bridge Program, which helps students transition from middle school to high school.

The details emerged in a decision handed down by Essex County Superior Court Judge Michael Ravin that downgraded some of the 40-count indictment against Dufault, who was arrested in late 2014 and charged with multiple counts of child endangerment and other related crimes. She has been on leave ever since and is currently free on bail.

The details read like a cheap, salacious novel with allegations of premeditated meetings with students for sex, text and Facetime messages to arrange encounters, and Dufault allegedly initiating many of the meetings. In one case, she allegedly picked students up at the 7-11 across the street.

The decision also details the creation of the infamous cell phone video of one encounter, allegedly occurring in Dufault's car, and how a student brought the evidence to the attention of Principal Elizabeth Aaron.

The judge's decision details incidents involving each of the alleged victim's, according to 

Among them:

Student 1

This student has claimed his sexual interactions with Dufault occurred in July 2013, when she was one of his teachers in the "Bridge Program" at Columbia High School, the decision states. That summer program is meant to assist students with transitioning from eighth grade to high school.

In one instance, after the student helped arrange Dufault's classroom around lunchtime, she allegedly performed oral sex on him, the decision states. A few days later, they allegedly had sex in her classroom, the decision states.

After both interactions, Dufault allegedly asked the student to keep the encounters "between themselves," the decision states. After the student completed the program, they did not have any additional sexual interactions, the decision states.

Student 2

This student also was Dufault's student in the Bridge Program in the summer of 2013 when he was preparing to enter the ninth grade, but no sexual incidents occurred at that time, the decision states.

But the student has alleged he and Dufault had oral sex or sex on six occasions between May and August of 2014 – five times during his freshman year and once during summer school in July 2014, the decision states.

Five of those incidents allegedly occurred in Dufault's classroom, and the other incident took place in her car, the decision states.

In Dufault's car at that time in July 2014, another student allegedly recorded a cell phone video of her performing oral sex on this student, the decision states.
After summer school finished for the day at 1:30 p.m., the two students visited Dufault's classroom because she allegedly texted one of them to see if they wanted to receive oral sex, the decision states.

Since Dufault had already left, the two students went across the street to a 7-Eleven to wait for her, the decision states. Dufault picked them up there at about 2 p.m. and they went to a parking lot, the decision states.

As Dufault allegedly performed oral sex on this student, the other student recorded the act on his cell phone, the decision states. The second student then allegedly went into the backseat of the car and had sex with Dufault, the decision states.

Afterward, Dufault dropped the students off behind a pizzeria in the area, the decision states.

The student also said he had texted and called Dufault, and that she had given him a ride to summer school on one occasion, the decision states.

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