Monday, January 23, 2012


News-Record reports this week that it is:

The streets of Maplewood were safer in 2011.
Police reported a sharp drop in burglaries that contributed to an overall 8.9 percent decrease in major crimes.

Homicides and car thefts also decreased, said police Chief Robert J. Cimino Jan. 11 when releasing crime statistics. Cimino lauded the work of the officers in the department, and cited the benefits of intelligence sharing with other police agencies.

To Cimino, the “biggest, most dramatic drop” was a 39-percent decline in burglaries — to 64 in 2011, compared with 106 in 2010.

“We have the officers out making checks and inspections of areas where we either anticipate crime may occur from certain intelligence that we may gather, or where there has been a crime already,” said Cimino in an interview at police headquarters last week.

He said that if a home has been targeted in a neighborhood, the department will send officers to that area to check for suspicious activity.

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