Wednesday, January 18, 2012


But Township Committee believes the town's two trash companies can offer it along with current options.

PATCH reports:

The Township of Maplewood will not be bidding for a unified trash hauling contract nor will it be looking to institute a universal pay-as-you-throw system.
On Tuesday night, despite pleas from the Chair of the Environmental Advisory Committee Bob McCoy, the Township Committee voted to suspend the bidding process for the proposals at this time.
The move was proposed by Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal upon a recommendation by the Environmental Advisory Committee.
Mayor Vic DeLuca noted that, during the process of seeking information for bid specifications, both haulers — Waste Management and Waste Industries — had made voluntary offers to extend a menu of options to customers. The options  include two-can pickup twice a week, one-can pickup twice a week, one-can pickup once a week, and, of course, pay-as-you-throw — an option for which customers are charged by the volume of trash they dispose of.
"This proposal as it stands is almost the best of both worlds," said Township Committeeperson India Larrier.

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