Friday, May 24, 2013


PATCH has a good updated version of the latest Post Office redevelopment plan:

1. Building should be a maximum of two stories on Maplewood Avenue and Ricalton Square. Third story should be set back one foot for each foot above 30 feet in height. Forty feet remains as the maximum height of the building so the third floor has to be set back 10 feet. 
2. Because the property slopes about 10 feet when going south (toward Village Coffee), there can befour stories on that end of the building (ground level and three floors above). The fourth story should be set back two feet for every one foot over 40 feet on that side of the building.
3. The traffic study should include the entire Special Improvement District (all the Village and Dunnell Road) and access roads to and from the Village.
4. The Planning Board agreed with the Maplewood Village Alliance (MVA)'s suggestion to widen sidewalks from 11 to 15 feet. There is a zero setback from the sidewalk. (Note: This will pull the building back and improve the viewshed.)
5. Path behind the building will function as a bike path, with lighting added. 

Read more HERE.

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