Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We told you last week about the new Maplewood Pool diving team's complaints that it could not get new diving boards that were supposedly promised by Recreation Director Keith Knudsen. 
Head Coach Kayla Spinelli told us then that the team had raised $400 on its own toward a new board and the department had promised to order them, but never did.
“They never ordered it. The money we had for the boards was no longer there,” she said about the department, adding that new boards can cost as much as $5,000. “We cannot join a diving league if we don’t have the boards.”

Knudsen, who had been on vacation, responded today with this email:

Kayla asked me for a better diving board at the beginning of the season so that her
participants could be prepared for visiting other pools for the diving league (new
this year).

I explained to Kayla that if I had enough funds left in the pool budget that we
would get a new diving board at the end of this season. Kayla had also found a pool
that will donate their professional board to us at the end of the season (which is
in good shape).  Next year, we will have either one or two professional diving
boards.  Thank you.

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