Saturday, July 30, 2016


The latest effort to calm fears about the exodus of two top Maplewood Middle School administrators -- among others in the district -- comes from the MMS Home and School Association, which sent this email to parents today.

Hi MMS Peeps -
I know there is a lot of anxiety out there due to the recent loss of faculty, administrators and district employees.  Please know that we have been working with the district on your behalf, and that they’ve been transparent and forthcoming with us at ever juncture.
I’ve seen a lot of speculative FB posts and received many emails asking why so many people are leaving our district.  While it may seem like a lot of folks have jumped ship, when you count the ones who were recruited/poached by other districts, educators who are retiring, and a group that represents a pretty normal rate of attrition for various reasons, only a handful are left.  I don’t think that small number reflects a trend or shared lack of belief in the direction of our district.
For example, our beloved Mr. Gold was recruited by a school closer to home that provides a better fit for his particular personal career path.  He was not looking for another job, but someone who had worked with him before poached him from us.  This will come as no surprise to anyone who’s worked with him, as Mr. Gold is a real treasure.  His service and dedication to our children is appreciated and will be missed by all.
As for the Principal’s position, the district has such a strong candidate pool from which to draw, that second round interviews are scheduled for the week of August 22.  I participated in the first round interview process, along with administrators and teachers, and was suitably impressed with the candidates.  The district wisely wants to hire a Principal before replacing Mr. Gold (who will be at MMS through mid-September) so our new leader can participate in selecting his/her assistant.
Meanwhile, the ever-capable Mr. Louis Brown, Assistant Principal, will serve as our Acting Principal, which he has done before.  Mr. Brown and Mr. Gold continue to work through the summer on scheduling and other matters to insure a smooth MMS opening in the fall.
So, for any Henny Penny’s you might see at your next neighborhood bar-b-q or picnic, please assure them that our sky is not falling, and that we will continue to keep parents informed.  In return, we only ask for your support during the year to insure our students have an exceptional educational experience this coming year!
Alan and Kathleen
Your MMS-HSA Co-Presidents

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