Sunday, August 28, 2016


School Board president Elizabeth Baker recently indicated the board hopes to hold another retreat this fall, as well as pursue state certification.

You may recall the board recently had a day-long retreat with a New Jersey School Boards Association representative facilitating.

"I'm very excited about the year ahead," Baker said at last Monday's board meeting. "One point of discussion at the retreat was that there is an opportunity for the board to become certified."

She added that certification is a way for the board to "train together ... and undergo a review of best practices, including an end-to-end review of policy." She said training can become customized.

The New Jersey School Boards Association offers the certification over a three-year period. It's website states:

The board must:
  • Participate in at least one full-day retreat or the equivalent in board workshops
  • Verify through an NJSBA Policy Wellness Check that the board’s policy manual is up-to-date
  • Complete an analysis of the district’s union contract by NJSBA’s labor relations staff
  • Demonstrate board effectiveness through the board self-evaluation and the New Jersey Department of Education monitoring process
If the composition of the board remains the same or if the board experiences less than one-third turnover in membership, credits will be maintained.
Due to the special nature of direct service training, each credit earned will equal one hour of training. To earn credits, attendance must include at least seven out of nine board members, five out of seven, or four of five. Core areas and suggested topics to address are as follows:
  • Group Process
  • Decision making
  • Planning
  • Effective Meetings
See more HERE. 

It did not indicate cost, if any. The recent retreat facilitator was provided free of charge.

"As we discuss the many plans upon us, in terms of resources and curriculum and instruction as well as our day to day challenges here, there was a great interest" in certification, Baker said.

As for the next retreat, Baker said it could include "cultural competency training" and "map out other ground rules ... to work as a board together."

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