Monday, August 22, 2016


We told you Sunday about the school board's plans to adopt a "guiding document" for the ongoing redistricting planning at tonight's meeting.

The document, being prepared with the help of consultants Ross Haber and Associates -- hired in June -- was initially not posted online and, instead, notes from a meeting with the consultant were placed on the district web site.

Late Sunday, the district posted the guiding document after some online comments and discussion, which included input from school board member Madhu Pai.

You can see the document HERE.

Among the issues it addresses are the need for a plan that goes through 2030, does not affect student choice or equality, takes the budget constraints into account, and allows public input on all parts.

It adds that:

No recommendation should violate SOMSD’s Access and Equity Policy and the district’s obligation to offer students with special needs placement in the least restrictive educational environment. No pre-determined group of students should be denied educational choice if choice is an option for that grade level. No recommendation should be made without input from related action planning teams
No plan should be adopted without gathering information from the community
No recommendation should include a disproportionate increase in costs beyond what is reasonable projected in year over year adjustments for inflation, without demonstrated enhancements to student services and programs and/or efficiencies. 
No recommendation should be made without a cost/benefit analysis

Tonight's meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. at the board offices, 525 Academy St. 

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