Saturday, April 8, 2017


From the Maplewood Republican Committee:

The Maplewood Republican Committee is proud to endorse Mike Summersgill as a candidate for Maplewood Township Committee. We were thrilled with his connection with voters when he ran last year. He added nearly 2000 votes from the primary in June to the election in November. We’re confident he will continue to connect with voters on issues and add to his support. Mike has the operational and technical managerial experience that is missing on our current Township Committee. 

We need Mike to represent Maplewood citizens on the Maplewood Township Committee to fill the experience gap that exists there now. Here’s why we need Mike. Maplewood is on an unstainable financial trajectory. Since Vic Deluca took office, Maplewood’s taxes have increased nearly $20 a day for Maplewood families! Our debt has grown to over $42 million into a total budget of $44 million. We are reaching a point where the annual payments on our debt are so large it will impact services. 

Mike is committed to changing that negative trajectory, and he has proposed several cost reductions. With his engineering degree in Operations Research, he has the exact skill set we need. He is able to highlight the current Township Committee’s missteps and is an independent voice for all of us With Mike’s deep roots in our community he is an easy choice for voters. 

He’s lived in Maplewood nearly 9 years and serves on the Pool Advisory Committee, Senior Advisory Committee, Hilton Neighborhood Association Executive Board, and the 4 th of July Committee. Mike has also had a positive impact on many other local organizations through his service oriented commitment of time, money, and expertise. 

In November, Maplewood residents can choose to vote for the best candidate, not just the latest Democrat. 

Mary Devon O’Brien 
Maplewood Republican Committee

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