Thursday, April 20, 2017


From South Orange Maplewood Schools today:

SOMSD Community,
We have experienced technology issues this week, which have impacted PARCC testing.  We have a larger volume of students participating in PARCC this year, the technical requirements of some of the testing materials has increased due to the inclusion of more videos, and we have more devices using our network than we have in the past.
We want to make this a successful testing experience for all students, so we are adjusting our plans for the remainder of the PARCC testing period.
We will be staggering testing to reduce the number of students accessing the PARCC program at any one time.  Staggering will be accomplished in different ways, depending on the specific circumstances of each school:
  • Middle Schools –
    • SOMS testing will take place in the morning
    • MMS testing will take place in the afternoon
  • Elementary Schools –
    • Schools will stagger testing to take place during two sessions each day, with half of the testing classes participating at a time.
    • Schools that had scheduled two grades to test during the same week will now reschedule so that only one grade tests per week (this affects Clinton, Jefferson and Seth Boyden)
    • Students who have special accommodations will still have extra time, if they need it.
We are also limiting the use of devices for anything other than testing during this period.
We hope that these changes will ensure that students will be able to complete tests without interruptions.
We anticipate that all schools will be able to complete testing within the PARCC administration window, which ends on May 19th.  However, testing may extend past the original schedule planned for individual schools. Your principal will advise you of any schedule changes for your school. 
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these changes, and appreciate your patience and support as we work to fulfill the testing requirements set by the State of New Jersey.
South Orange Maplewood School District

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