Friday, April 14, 2017


The Planning Board on Thursday approved plans by Park Wood Diner to build an addition to the eatery where its current back deck space now sits.

The board voted unanimously to approve the addition. Attorney Rob Simon, who represents diner owner Peter Kikianis, said the addition is needed because weather limits have made the current deck unusable in many situations.

He said the addition would differ from the main diner because it would include more light and windows that can open in times of good weather. Construction is expected to begin in September and end within two months.

See his presentation and additional comments from architect Bill Figdor below:

Several Park Wood supporters also spoke in favor of the diner, noting that Kikianis has been a good local business owner and the restaurant is a quality addition to the community.

See their views below:

At least one neighbor, however, raised concerns about parking, saying that the addition will draw more customers potentially and more traffic and parking problems along South Pierson Road. 

Simon said Kikianis had contracted with owners of a parking lot across the street at Springfield Avenue and Ohio Street to park there, adding that signs would be posted directing patrons to the additional parking.

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