Monday, August 29, 2016


We told you weeks ago the Township was paying more than $33,000 for access to land for a newer sewer line for the post office project.

Now it appears taxpayers will pay up to an additional $60,000 to construct the sewer itself.

The Township earlier agreed to pay owners of a Maplewood Village parking lot more than $33,000 for leasing and sewer easements so that the new sewer line needed for the former post office project can be installed.

Owners of the six buildings from 168 to 174 Maplewood Avenue, who also own the parking lot space behind their buildings, agreed to allow the sewer easements for $5,000 each. Those are the shops from Village Coffee to Arturo's.

In a related move, each owner -- as well as a seventh whose land does not affect the sewer -- agreed to extend their leasing of the parking lot space to the Township through June 2017 at a cost of $500 per property or $3,500 total.

Previously, the Township had leased the parking lot from the owners at an annual cost of $11,829 paid via a tax abatement. 

The sewer easement is needed to run a new sewer line behind the shops from the post office site to Baker Street for the new post office project being built by JMF Properties. That's because Township engineers determined that the three-story post office project, which will include 20 apartments and five retail shops, would overwhelm the current Maplewood Avenue sewer line.

But now that the sewer construction is underway, and causing parking and traffic disruptions, a look at the agreement with Developer JMF reveals that JMF will pay up to $60,000 in construction costs, with the Township reimbursing JMF for the construction.

See that portion of the agreement below:

That means the Township will be paying up to $93,000 for the new sewer line related to the new post office project. requested copies of the invoices and payment information related to the sewer construction, but was told such documents had yet to be submitted by JMF.


Bill Dunsavage said...

Why not? Anything for JMF

Bill Dunsavage said...

Why not? Anything for JMF