Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Maplewood Village Alliance, under attack for replacing the open Maplewood Village bulletin board with a glass enclosed locked version that requires all notices go through the Alliance, changed the notices Monday and replaced them with Maplewood Village Alliance promotional fliers and still no public notices or residential alerts.

The Alliance also boasted about the new bulletin board on its website with a posting that noted the new board but ignored the opposition that appears to be mounting on MOL and elsewhere. It stated:

This Spring In Maplewood Village

We are looking forward to putting our new Village Information Board to use. Watch the new space for a Village business directory, coming soon, and Village news and events. Thank you Brinton Brosius for your generous donation of time and talent!
In addition, we are looking forward to our upcoming springtime events including the first Maplewood Art Walk on Saturday, May 5th, noon to 5pm and our 5th annualGirls Night Out on Thursday night, June 7, 6 to 9pm. Watch our new Village Information board, and this website, for details on both events.

Apparently the new board, used for years by many residents and local business, is now under the control of the Alliance, a non-profit that also receives partial funding from the township.

At least one person has taken the rebelious approach, posting a notice on the BB urging people to tape outside notices on the glass. Found on MOL, this photo was taken this morning.

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