Thursday, April 25, 2013


So after all of the claims, counter claims and court appearances, the St. James Gate bartender and the customer he allegedly assaulted, who allegedly assaulted him back, have shaken hands and apologized.

James Meade, the Gate bartender, reportedly had to pay $400 for medical expenses to Ethan Kresofsky for the injurieS sustained in the Jan. 7 incident at the bar.

But that is it.

PATCH reports:

An assault case stemming from a January incident at St. James's Gate Publick House has been settled and all charges were dismissed Thursday, both parties said. Three months after an alleged assault at the popular Maplewood bar, the case ended with both men shaking hands and apologizing.
At a hearing Thursday morning, Bloomfield Chief Municipal Magistrate Judge John A. Paparazzo dismissed all assault charges thatJames Meade and Ethan Kresofsky had brought against each another.

Why didn't they just shake and make up before instead of wasting court time and taxpayer money?


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