Wednesday, August 7, 2013


PATCH reports:

A representative of the U.S. Postal Service presented the process for relocation of its 160 Maplewood Ave. facility to the township committee and the public at the regular committee meeting on Tuesday.
The presentation comes with the looming expiration of the Postal Service’s 55-year lease on the Maplewood Avenue property. The township owns the property and decided not to renew the lease agreement, opting instead to redevelop that address to residential and retail space.
According to Postal Service representative Joseph Mulvey, the presentation was the first in a three step public process of “notification, comment, appeal,” designed to keep the public and local elected officials involved in every development of the issue.
As it stands now, the plan will move the entire operation that takes place in the 14,900 square foot space on Maplewood Avenue – services which range from sorting mail and delivery to retail sales – to a new location which must have at least 8,370 square feet of interior space, plus parking for the Postal Service vehicles, employees and customers.
The Postal Service has not yet identified a new location for the Maplewood Avenue facility – that process begins later this month. Mulvey will be accepting written comments from members of the public through Aug. 21 with regards to the new location and any other concerns.

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