Thursday, March 13, 2014


So after last night's lengthy meeting at Tuscan School with parents, Principal Malikah Majeed, and Superintendent Brian Osborne, in which concerns were raised about school security and the lack of response from the school to icy areas, Majeed left a lengthy robo call for parents that essentially reminded them that she and her staff do not want to do one thing more than they have to.

Also, in a letter today, the principal set strict rules for parents who want to pick up children or alter their daily plans that do more to add burdens on people than improve security. She is even threatening to report parents to the Department of Children and Families if they are late too often picking up children.

Among the changes: children from K-2 cannot be dropped off at the drop-off zone and all students will be released through the front door, causing even more of a crowd problem there. And if you want your child to go home with a friend, good luck without written permission.

Oh, and do not walk your dog when dropping off students and remember she does not want your child at school one minute before the official time.

Hear her call below:

And here are the changes in a written memo. How many do you find ridiculous?


HS said...

This is shamefully classist, among other things! What if a parent/guardian does not have constant email access??? What if a grandparent or other non-tech-savvy person has custody of a child and doesn't use email at all? What if the parent/guardian has a visual impairment making email a virtual impossibility? Are people now expected to report their confidential personal information to their child's school because the principal is on a power trip? Sad!

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