Monday, February 22, 2016


CHS baseball players showed up to support Coach Fischetti
Columbia High School baseball coach Joe Fischetti, who has been dogged by claims of harassment and bullying of some players -- including one who filed a recent lawsuit -- was reappointed to the coaching post Monday night in a split decision by the school board.

But the appointment is contingent upon the findings of an outside investigator who will be brought in by the district to review past claims of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) made against Fischetti dating back to 2014.

Superintendent John Ramos announced the investigation prior to the vote Monday night:

After testimony from several baseball players and local parents, the board voted, 6-3, to reappoint Fischetti, and later all of his assistants. Those voting against Fischetti's re-hiring include Board President Elizabeth Baker and members Chris Sabin and Johanna Wright.

The vote followed last week's filing of a lawsuit claiming harassment and bullying of a former player, David DeFranco, by the coaches, as well as claims from another parent, Randy Nathan, that his son was unfairly treated.

Nathan was one of two speakers who opposed Fischetti's rehiring:

But most of those who spoke at the meeting were in support of Fischetti and his staff. See their comments below:


Ramos said the investigator would be paid no more than $5,000 to review the allegations and past HIB claims and would likely take two to four weeks to complete the review. If the findings support the claims that unfair treatment of players occurred, Fischetti could be dismissed from the position.

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