Friday, September 23, 2016


The two candidates for Township Committee squared off in their first candidates forum Thursday night at the Hilton Neighborhood Association meeting at De Hart Community Center.

The challengers are running for the seat previously held by Marlon Brownlee, who resigned last month. His seat is now held by former Committeeman Ian Grodman, who was appointed to serve out Brownlee's term last week.

Republican Mike Summersgill and Democrat Frank McGehee discussed pedestrian safety, development, senior needs, library expansion, revaluation and property maintenance.

One area on which they disagreed was residential development, which McGehee supported with limits, but Summersgill was cautious about. 

McGehee promoted a tax-incentive program where residents would get a tax break for using local businesses, which Summersgill called a "terrible program," citing the loss of revenue.

Asked about the one issue they would like to see addressed, Summersgill said to complete the recent idea raised by TC member India Larrier of providing free feminine napkins in public women's restrooms, while McGehee cited the Township's sustainability goals, which improve environmentally friendly procedures.

See their opening statements below and the entire debate, courtesy of SOMA TV, below that:

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