Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A pit bull attack last month that sent two women to the hospital with injuries suffered in a vicious, frightening attack on Tuscan Street ended recently when the last of the four dogs in the incident was destroyed.

The attack occurred on Aug. 11, according to a police report, which also painted a scary picture of three dogs who were "barking at and attempting to viciously bite at the legs" of one woman, while one victim was "bleeding profusely from multiple puncture wounds."

One victim was also described as being "pinned to the ground" by the attack.

Read the official descriptive account from the report HERE.

Township Health Officer Robert Roe said the dogs were picked up by animal control staff the same day and later destroyed with the permission of the owners.

He said the owner of the dogs had four pit bulls, but three were involved in the attack. Roe said one of the problems was the dogs were in a backyard with poor fencing and they were able to escape.

"He immediately agreed to have three of them euthanized and (later) agreed to have the fourth euthanized," Roe said. "I want to give him credit for making the responsible choice, hopefully the public is protected now."

He said the victims were hospitalized, but expected to fully recover. Roe said he filed a municipal complaint against the owners for having a vicious dog, but it was dropped when the owner agreed to have the fourth one put down two weeks ago.

Police did not reveal the incident in the regular weekly blotters at the time. Asked why, Police Chief Robert Cimino said via email, "I'm not aware of the specific reason it was not listed, but not every incident occurring in Maplewood is listed for every reporting period."

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