Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Republican Mike Summersgill turned the Township Committee race this year into a true two-person battle as he conducted extensive outreach and spent some real money in his campaign against Democrat Frank McGehee.

Although he lost, 8,654 to 2,009, even McGehee and others in Township politics credit him with offering more than the usual GOP place-holder campaign in Maplewood. 

And he is apparently not finished, posting on his Facebook page that he plans to run again in 2017.

He stated, in part:

The best part of running for Township Committee is there is an election every year. While I'd rather be doing the job, instead of running for it, I look forward to running again next year. I'll continue to champion the issues that were raised this year and welcome any other ideas. 

See the entire post HERE.

If Summersgill runs again next year he will be able to seek one of two seats up for grabs as Mayor Vic Deluca and incumbent India Larrier are both facing re-election. It is likely Deluca will run again, but Larrier's status remains unknown.

Stay tuned!

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