Monday, April 3, 2017


It appears the school board is laying the groundwork to re-open the contract of Superintendent John Ramos and give him a raise once the state salary cap is lifted or changed, a move expected to occur in May.

Tonight's special school board meeting will include a closed-door session to discuss the "Superintendent's evaluation and Superintendent's contract," according to the agenda.

Asked to explain why the meeting needed to be held as a special session rather than have the issue discussed at a regular meeting later this month, Spokeswoman Suzanne Turner said via email:

The purpose of the meeting is to have an executive session to discuss 
the Superintendent's evaluation and contract. There are provisions 
in the Board's contract with Dr. Ramos which provide for a reopener 
upon the change in the state salary cap on superintendent
compensation. Such a change is scheduled to take effect in May.

No action can occur at tonight's meeting, but the board can plan for future action if it wishes to re-open Ramos' contract and raise his pay. 

A proposal to increase the state Superintendent salary cap that was instituted in 2011 was released in November. If the proposal is approved, it would allow Ramos' salary to be increased from $177,500 to as high as $191,000.

The salary cap is expected to end in May when the legislation creating it expires, or "sunsets," according to New Jersey School Boards Association Communications Director Frank Belluscio, who explained in an email to 

The salary cap regulations, along with the rest of the accountability regulations (N.J.A.C. 6A:23a), are due to sunset on May 24. 
The salary caps are among the provisions of the regulations that 
are established, and readopted, by the commissioner of education 
and not by the State Board of Education. 

Public hearings were conducted in January. Up to now, the 
commissioner has not announced any adjustments to her 
proposed changes.

If that occurs without a replacement cap, then the salary could be higher:

Ramos is in the second year of a five-year contract that pays a base salary of $177,500, but with bonuses based on annual reviews. He received a $23,000 bonus last year.

Tonight's meeting is set for 7:30 p.m. at the Montrose School, 356 Clark St., South Orange.

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