Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The Maplewood Democratic Party apparently likes its status as the lone controller in township elections.

So much so, they held their first Hall of Fame induction, as Patch reports:

The group has churned out a steady stream of successful candidates. At its first-ever Hall of Fame induction on January 31 at Highland Place Bar and Grill, MDC Chair Ian Grodmank and Vice Chair Garnet Hall presented a program that detailed how committee members had gone on to become:

District Leaders, Mayors, Vice Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Township Committee Members, Secretary of Senate, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Environmental Specialist. Some of them served over 30 years of service to our community.
Many of them held multiple positions on multiple councils and committees. Maplewood is a great place to live today because the level of commitment and service of many.
Honored and inducted on January 31:
  • Honorable Nick and Mary Romano — over 30 years of service
  • Honorable Frank McQuade — over 30 years of service
  • Honorable Ellen Davenport — Former Maplewood Mayor, Former NJ Secretary of the Senate
  • Honorable David Huemer — Former Township Committee member
  • Honorable Doug Bland — First African American Chairman, MDC
  • Honorable Ken Pettis — First African American man to be Mayor of Maplewood
  • Honorable Fred Profeta, Jr. — Former Mayor, Vice Mayor, Deputy Mayor,
    Township Committee Member, Environmental Specialist
  • Honorable Theo Buklad (posthumous) — Second MDC Chairman

No objection to the group's work. Its monopoly on the TC is due primarily to strong leadership in Mayor De Luca and Dem Chair Ian Grodman. But some might say it is better to keep a low profile and enjoy the success quietly. Still, if the Republicans at least put up a fight, they might have a complaint.

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