Thursday, February 2, 2012


Tucked in the police chief's recent budget report on Police Department needs was word that we have an up and coming gang in town.

Police Chief Robert Cimino called them the "Moulah Gang."

According to PATCH:

Another goal was to continue to monitor youth gang activity. "We felt we did that well with the crime suppression team." Cimino said that a new and upcoming gang — the "moulah" gang — had been identified. "We have information about individuals and several have now been arrested inside and outside of Maplewood. We have a very good handle on who they are and where they congregate." Cimino pointed out that "it's not the group that is illegal — it's the activities. We are mindful of that."

A N.J. State Police report a year ago revealed Maplewood has 65

gang members and eight gangs.