Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Just got this letter from Mayor Vic De Luca, noting a new effort to work with local companies and a March 9 meeting planned for it:

To the Maplewood Business Community:

The Township of Maplewood is seeking to spend more of its dollars in Maplewood, with Maplewood-owned businesses. We know that keeping publicly spent dollars in town will help our economic revitalization efforts. We are now “looking local first” when buying goods and services, and the Township has already increased its efforts to patronize local bakeries, delis and caterers, contract with local professionals, and purchase products from local businesses.

We know that small and home-based business owners are sometimes reluctant to get involved with government. Others who may be interested just don’t know how to go about it. But we also know that there may be greater opportunities for the Township to more actively support local businesses. 

We want to discuss the opportunities with local business people on Friday, March 9th. The meeting will begin at 8:30am at Town Hall, 574 Valley Street. We hope the information we provide will encourage more of you to do business with the Township.  

Below are ten questions we’ll discuss. We know you will have more questions, comments and ideas for us.

1.      How do I find the list of opportunities to do work for the Township?
2.      What types of businesses does the Township use?
3.      What is the bidding/proposal/quote process? What is the difference between a bid, proposal and quote?
4.      How much time does it take for the Township to make a decision on a bid, proposal or quote?
5.      What qualifications do I need to submit a bid, proposal or quote?
6.      What is the term of a contract with the Township?
7.      What is the payment schedule? How long do I need to wait to be paid?
8.      What are the insurance requirements?
9.      What is the term of the contract and/or the contract language?
10.  Who is the contact person to speak about a bid, proposal or quote?
Please come out on Friday, March 9th. This is an investment in time that we hope will benefit all of us. If you have any questions, please call Annette DePalma, Director of Community Relations, at 973-762-8120, ext. 3400.
Mayor Vic De Luca

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