Friday, February 17, 2012


Mayor Vic De Luca, a longtime gay marriage advocate, is among the locals supporting the same-sex marriage bill passed by the legislature this week.
He Tweeted Thursday:

Way to go NJ Legislature on passing marriage equality legislation. Christie's veto will only block history for a time 

Schools Superintendent Brian Osborne, who has become quite the Tweeter these days, tweeted this:

Many SOMSD kids are being raised by loving parents who deserve right to marry. Thanks to NJ legislators who voted to support SOMSD families.

As for Gov. Christie, who plans to veto the bill and wants it on the ballot, he is showing a clear lack of leadership. He knows this law is the right thing to do, but will punt so he can seem conservative down the road. A real leader would realize same-sex marriage is right and he can make history, and maybe a few progressive fans, but chooses to follow the sleazy politician cop out.

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