Monday, December 17, 2012


In the aftermath of the Newtown, CT. shooting that left 30 people dead, mostly children murdered in their own school, it is gratifying to see our own superintendent, Brian Osborne, take initiative with a heartfelt note to parents last week advising them how to help children who may have trouble dealing with this tragedy.

With a news media that over covers the worst violence and images, it is important that we help filter these images from our children if they are too much, but also explain to them what is happening.

In addition, however, we must ask how to make our schools as safe as possible.

Currently when  visitors approach most of the SO-M schools, they buzz the office and are let in. Some schools have video cameras to see who is entering and, of course, if the visitor does not immediately go to the school office for a pass, alerts are put into action.

But is this enough?

If a person is buzzed in and appears okay, that does not mean they are. And it means they can roam the school freely, at least for a little while.

Perhaps security guards and even metal detectors are needed at some schools and in some way. If visitors want to gain entrance, someone should be there to make sure they are who they say they are and are not carrying anything dangerous.

Should these guards be armed? I would think not. But there are those calling for such actions in some places.

The school board meets tonight and it would behoove us all if such security measures were discussed tonight and in the days to come.

And if you think this kind of thing cannot happen here, think again. I am sure that is what the people of Newtown would have said a week ago.

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