Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Maplewood police stated that the arrests in the case reported Monday of a teen bride abducted in Maplewood last month were made the same day, Nov. 6, as the abduction, while the taxi driver involved was arrested a few days later.

Asked why the information took nearly a month to report, Maplewood Police Sgt. Christopher Black said it took about two weeks to get internet connections back after the hurricane and snow storm.

Also, this just sent from Black:

"There were two discrepancies in yesterdays release.  The correct spelling of the last name is Mamun and he is 22 years old. 
"To clarify, charges were brought against Abu Mamun and the taxi driver, Nazmul Hossain by Maplewood.  No charges were brought against the brother in Maplewood.  He was arrested and charged by NYPD for his illegal activity there."

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