Friday, June 10, 2016


The Board of  Education has scheduled a last-minute special meeting for Monday night, June 13, to hold its annual evaluation of the superintendent of schools.

The meeting, which was not posted until this morning, includes a closed-door session to review the work of Superintendent John Ramos, but also has a required public comment portion.

See the agenda HERE.

The meeting comes a week after the annual recognition of retirees meeting and a week before the regular June monthly board meeting.

Asked why the evaluation could not be done at the June 20 meeting to allow for more notice, District Spokeswoman Suzanne Turner said via email:

This is not a public board meeting.  As the agenda states, 
the meeting will go immediately into executive session.

An executive session for the superintendent's evaluation was 
always planned for June, and it was scheduled according to 
the availability of board members and the Superintendent. 

The agenda for June 20 is already significant, so the Board 
members decided it would be better to have the evaluation 
on a separate day to prevent time constraints
impacting either the regular board meeting or the evaluation.

The meeting is a public meeting with the public comment portion prior to the executive session. It is set for 7 p.m. at the board offices, 525 Academy St.


Unknown said...


I know you thrive on sensationalist headlines and news but this is utterly over the top. The Board does its summative evaluation meeting with the Superintendent every year about this time because by law it needs to happen before July 1.

Why don't you exercise your powers as an "investigate journalist" and tell me how many times in the last 15 years our Board has failed to meet in Executive Session in April, May or June to do the Superintendent's evaluation. Then, dig really deep and see how many other Boards across New Jersey have failed to do so. If this is a "surprise" to you, then you haven't been paying attention in past years.

If they moved the meeting from one week to another, there is probably a reason for it and what you quoted from Suzanne Turner rings very true to me.

Steve Latz

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