Monday, June 13, 2016


The School District is considering some administrative changes that could include different job titles and areas of responsibility, according to a statement released late last week.

See it below:

The Strategic Direction includes a strategy: "We will reimagine and redesign all aspects of student scheduling, use of facilities and administrative structures to guarantee alignment with mission." We anticipated considering possible alternative administrative structures next year, when our action planning teams present their recommendations. 
Recent retirements and resignations among the supervisors have prompted us to begin this conversation earlier than expected.  It is important to note that we are not proposing reducing the number of supervisory positions.  We are considering different configurations which might create more synergy between content areas.  If we reconfigure, specific titles may change. But the number of positions is anticipated to remain the same. Nothing is decided at this point, and we may hold off on recommending any changes and maintain the current structure for another year. 
One possibility under consideration is creating a Humanities position, similar to the STEM position we are already creating for science, technology and math. This would facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations between subject areas. We have received questions about the place the arts will have, if the administrative structure is reconfigured to have a Humanities position.  SOMSD has a long-standing commitment to rich and vibrant fine and performing arts programming. Support of the arts is an important value for our community, and these programs will continue to be a primary focus in our schools under any possible scenario.
In the process of considering various options, we are consulting with both ASCA (the administrators' union) and SOMEA (the teachers' union).  Their input and ideas will be considered as the Superintendent evaluates how best to move forward organizationally to best meet the needs of our students.
Changes to the organization chart are only made with approval by the Board of Education. If, after consultation, the Superintendent decides to recommend changes, his recommendations would be presented to the Board of Education at a public board meeting. Recommendations would be shared with the community in advance, so that community members would have the opportunity to share feedback and concerns prior to the Board of Education being asked to take action.

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