Thursday, March 16, 2017


With some parents and residents upset that Wednesday's snow day was called after 8 a.m. and took parents by surprise who had expected only a previously-announced delayed opening, the school district issued a statement offering more details on how the decision came about.

See the explanation below:

We always try to get notice out as early as possible of closings and 
delayed openings so that families can make necessary plans.
SOMSD decided last night, along with surrounding districts, that a 
delayed opening was necessary to give staff time to clear the 
pathways around each school.

Our grounds and school buildings were ready to start the school day. 
However, the extent of ice on local roads and sidewalks made it 
extremely hazardous for students to get to school, whether by bus, 
car, or walking.
Every other district around us made a similar call this morning 
given the icy conditions, and changed their call to cancel.

We decided that a call to close schools was in the best interests of 
students and staff, despite the late notice, since safety is our first 

The Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents worked with 
building staff to make sure that each school had at least one 
administrator or teacher on-site, in case students arrived at school 
having missed the notification.

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