Monday, March 13, 2017


From Maplewood Police:

In order to facilitate the safety of the public and of emergency personnel and to provide essential services to the community , The Maplewood Police Department Officer in charge, on behalf of the Chief of Police shall provide for the safe and efficient flow of traffic upon the public streets and municipal lots of the Township of Maplewood through appropriate means including the temporary detour from and/or full or partial closure of any municipal streets or municipal lots as the emergency conditions may require.

Beginning at 10 PM on Monday March 13th 2017 and until rescinded, the parking of any vehicles upon officially marked or posted sections of municipal streets and municipal lots is prohibited. Violations shall subject such vehicles to be summonsed and/or towed in order to facilitate public safety and the safe and efficient operation of all emergency services, including Public Works, and authorized utility vehicles and personnel.
Beginning at 10 PM on March 13th 2017 and until 6 AM on March 14th 2017 the overnight parking of any vehicles parked on the municipal streets and municipal lots is prohibited.

At any time during the period of the emergency any vehicle that is parked, disabled or left unattended on any municipal street or municipal lot, in such as manner so as to constitute a public safety hazard or otherwise is unsafe or an obstruction, or is in violation of any state or local law, is subject to summons by police and/or tow by police authorized towing services.

(These prohibitions shall not apply to emergency vehicles including Police Fire EMS DPW and authorized utility service vehicles)

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