Wednesday, March 15, 2017


A week after student drawings of slave auction posters at one school for a class assignment drew concerns and removal of the images, has learned that an actual mock slave auction was held in another district school, according to a letter sent home to parents by the class teacher.

Several students in a fifth-grade class at Jefferson School apparently participated in a mock slave auction held when their teacher was away and a substitute teacher was in charge.

See the letter sent home to parents below (We have removed the teacher's identity). It states, in part, that the teacher was "concerned about the students who viewed and participated in this re-enactment." Also that a video of the event was made.

This follows last week's revelation that students at South Mountain School had drawn slave auction posters, which were displayed in the school. They were eventually removed and a letter sent out apologizing for the incident that many regarded as insensitive. 

Both events were part of the regular fifth grade lesson program on American Colonization.

We have reached out to the district for a response, but have yet to receive any comment or explanation.The district is closed for a second day due to the recent blizzard.


Jarmon Woods said...

As a parent of a black child at this school, I am outraged. I think it speaks to the insensiivity of racism. You would never see an assignment that called for Jewish kids to line up into two lines pretending to go to gas chamber or encampment. You would never have children of Irish descent assigned to be an indentured servant. It is an assault on the psyche of black children and it's unacceptable.

Free YOUR MIND!! said...

This is sick and irreprahansible. Not just the curriculum but the teachers that lack the common sense and decency to teach responsibly should be removed as well.

Free YOUR MIND!! said...
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Lee Koss said...

I wonder why this was a lesson planned for a substitute, too. The curriculum is the question as well as suggested activities. The curriculum and activities may be directly related to state or national standards. This deserves review.

Lychee said...

This is not only extremely sad, but so poorly handled. I was proud of the education I received from the SOMD district and especially of the respect for the diverse student and staff populations. This is not the community that raised me, and clearly there is a problem. These two incidents that received nationwide attention need to be properly addressed and communication needs to be clear and decisive about these problems.

Be the Change said...

It WAS NOT a lesson plan for a substitute teacher. It was suggested by the children and the substitute teacher went along with it.