Monday, July 2, 2012


Chatter since Sunday has been growing online about the lifeguard injured at Maplewood Pool.

Sources and witnesses indicate the male lifeguard got a bad injury to his head when he tried to do a back flip off of a diving board and was taken to  the hospital, but will apparently be okay. He was a first-time guard at the Maplewood Pool.

Maplewood Police issued this notice in today's weekly blotter:

July 1, 2012:Medical Aid; Officers and Maplewood Fire Department responded to the Maplewood Pool for a medical emergency.  A life guard had sustained a laceration to his head after striking it on the diving board.  He was transported to University Hospital along with a parent.

Some on MOL have been claiming the person was not treated as well as possible, perhaps forced to walk to the snack area before being treated.

But pool sources indicate the response was proper. Another sign we should all be careful on theses diving boards. 

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