Monday, September 9, 2013


From Maplewood Police today:

September 3, 2013: Burglary; At approximately 130 PM, officers 
responded to an alarm activation at a home on Porter Rd.   
Upon their arrival, an open window was 
observed and it was determined that entry had been made to the home.   
The home owner responded.   
At the time of the report it did not appear that anything was 
September 5, 2013: Attempted Burglary; At approximately 12 PM, officers 
responded to an alarm activation at a home on Woodside Rd.  Upon their arrival, 
the home was found to be secure, but damage was observed to a window.
September 6, 2013: Burglary; During the daytime hours  a home on Princeton St 
had entry forced to it.  The home owner returned home and found that the home 
had been entered and jewelry had been stolen.
September 7, 2013: Burglary; A neighbor reported that a home on Oakview Ave had 
it’s front door open.  Officers responded and found that the home had been 
burglarized.  At the time of the report the proceeds were undetermined.
September 7, 2013: MV Theft Attempt; During the early morning hours a vehicle on 
Courter Ave and a vehicle on Tuscan Rd were found to have damage consistent with 
an attempted theft.
September 7, 2013: Recovered Stolen Vehicle; A resident of Tuscan Rd reported 
that a vehicle not belonging to them was parked in their driveway.  Officers 
responded and determined that the Dodge Stratus was stolen out of Union 

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