Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Waste Management really cannot get enough of screwing its customers.

First, yet again they did not pick up garbage on Monday this week because of the holiday, Labor Day. 

Do they pick up on Tuesday? No. Do they credit you that day's fee? No. They just allow you to put out twice as much garbage on Thursday.

Sorry, but making us keep garbage around our homes for an extra three days is not fair compensation. This happens every time there is a Monday holiday.

Add to that word this week in your bill, which you may have missed, that Waste Management is now charging you $4 per bill because you are receiving a paper bill in the mail. Want the $4 charge to go away, you must receive a bill online.

Hey, Township Committee, are you aware of such ripoffs when you allow this company to operate in Maplewood? Do something. 

And if you want the Township Committee to urge Waste Management to change these rip-off ways, contact them via their emails HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Waste Industries tried to do this too, but told me (brand new customer) not to worry that they'd pick up Monday's trash Tuesday...they did not. I called, they said they'd pick up Wednesday. Nope. I called and they said it's just double pick up Thursday. I said absolutely not, pick it up today. Finally got someone decent there and she agreed to discuss with a supervisor. She called me back and they are on the way to my house now. Maybe you should try the same with WM.