Friday, September 20, 2013


After residents demanded to see what was in the eight proposals for the Maplewood Village Post Office site, the Township released at least some information on the plans that were submitted last week.

This notice, which links to the broad plans, was issued Friday, with a variety of approaches. Some include a three-story building with mixed use, while most also plan for Kings to relocate there:

Dear All,

Eight responses to the Township's Request for Qualifications/Letters of Interest on the Post Office site were received on September 11, 2013. Below are portions of the narratives from the eight respondents. Proprietary information has not been made public. Seven of the eight respondents have websites that describe their companies and the types of developments with which they have been involved.

During October, the Township Committee's Economic Development Committee will meet with each respondent to discuss its response in more detail.

Proposals were submitted from the following:

* RPM Development, LLC, Montclair NJ

* L&M Development Partners Inc., Larchmont, NY

* Wainco Realty, LLC, South Orange, NJ

* Sharbell Development Corp., Robbinsville, NJ

* Langan Development, Elmwood Park, NJ

* Kander*Sechzer Architectural Partnership, Maplewood, NJ

* J.G. Petrucci Co. Inc., Asbury, NJ

* Murray Construction Co. Inc., Millburn NJ

But how about putting the entire specifics online?

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Unknown said...

Joe, thanks for your great coverage of Post Office issues in your recent posts. Your points on King's, the use of the site, the obvious-to-almost-everyone importance of public input are so on-point.

Anyone can read the zoning passed by the Township in July--but seeing proposals is the only way we can all see what the actual result would be. The zoning permits anything from an enlarged park to a 50 foot buildings--which will it be? Remind me again who decides??