Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Among the items voted on Tuesday night was an update of the township dog and cat license fees and regulations that will require dog and cat owners to renew their licenses in December instead of January each year.

Health Officer Robert Roe reminded folks during an interview Tuesday that all dogs and cats must be licensed and renewed each year, noting that only about 800 dogs are licensed in town and even fewer cats, just 200.

Rabies vaccines are also required every three years. He urged residents to comply and pointed out that when a licensed dog or cat is missing, it is easier to find them when they are wearing their tags.

Fines for unlicensed dogs and cats start at $100 and can run up to $500 for multiple offenses. Roe also mentioned that some 90 dead cats are found around town each year.

The fee is just $15 annually for those that are spayed or neutered, $18 if they are not.

For more info call the health department at  973-762-8120, ext. 4400.

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