Monday, July 21, 2014


From Maplewood Police today:

July 14, 2014; Burglary; A home on Coolidge Rd was entered between the late morning or early evening hours. Several pieces of jewelry and a laptop were reported stolen.

 July 14, 2014; Bicycle Theft; Overnight a garage that failed to automatically close on Yale St had three bicycles stolen from it.

 July 14, 2014; Motor Vehicle Damage; During the previous two days damage was caused to the door lock of a vehicle parked at 187 Boyden Ave. It does not appear that entry was gained.

 July 15, 2014; Burglary Attempt; At approximately 230 PM, two juveniles attempted to force their way into a home on Boyden Ave. The homeowner witnessed this and contacted police. The 10 and 14 year old juveniles were stopped by officers attempting to leave the area. They were arrested and charged with burglary.

 July 15, 2014; Bicycle Theft; During overnight hours, a bicycle was stolen off of the porch of a home on Highland Ave. A few hours after making this report, a second unlocked bicycle was stolen off of the porch of the same residence.

 July 15, 2014; Bicycle Theft; Between 10 and 11:45 AM, an unlocked bicycle was stolen from the bike rack at the library on Baker St.

 July 19, 2014; Bicycle Theft; Between 5:30 and 9:00 PM an unlocked bicycle was stolen from the rear of a home on Orchard Rd.

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