Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Another person has thrown their hat into the ring to run for school board.

Elissa Malespina, a former South Orange Middle School librarian, is the second person to join the race, stating in a release she will run with Donna Smith, who joined the race weeks ago:

 "We are at a crossroads in this district and we need a Board of Education that will work for the best interests of the children who we ultimately serve," Malespina's statement said. "The only way for things to change is for the BOE to work hard at building relationships with all the stakeholders in the district. We need to move away from what has become an us against them mentality, and find a way for all groups to work together in the best interest of the students."

The two will vie for the three seats currently held by Bill Gaudelli, Andrea Wren-Hardin and Sandra Karriem, who have each announced they will not run for re-election.

Since Smith and Malespina both live in South Orange, this means so far no one from Maplewood is in the running. Would-be candidates have until July 28 to file a petition to run in the November election.


Anonymous said...

Tony Mazzocchi is a Maplewood resident and is running for the BOE.

Joe Strupp said...

He has not filed according to the Essex County Clerk, but when he does, we will report it.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of anyone else filing other than Malespina and Smith?