Wednesday, October 29, 2014


We reported earlier today that the U.S. Department of Education had come to an agreement with the school district to correct problems with equality in advance placement.

A review of the letter from federal officials to the district detailing the findings of its investigation finds the district had a "statistically significant underrepresentation of African American students in the District’s high school AP courses."

It also stated that, "While African American students were 51.5% of high school enrollment, they were enrolled in only 18.7% (148 out of 791) of AP learning opportunities."

Finally, "African American student were underrepresented to a statistically significant extent in the District’s advanced math courses at the District’s middle schools, in which only 23 students (11.7%) were African American, while 407 (42.9%) out of 949 total students enrolled in seventh and eighth grade were African American.  OCR also determined that African American students were underrepresented to a statistically significant degree, in fourth and fifth grade math enrichment programs offered at the District’s four elementary schools, Clinton, Jefferson, Seth Boyden, and Tuscan."

See the full letter HERE.

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