Thursday, October 23, 2014


The Township Committee revealed today it has chosen JMF Properties of Cedar Knolls to handle the Maplewood Village post office redevelopment after a previous deal had been cancelled. The new plan includes most of the same construction, but with 23 apartment units and underground parking.

From the Township today:

JMF Properties Preferred by Township Committee for Post Office Redevelopment 

The Maplewood Township Committee is slated to select JMF Properties of Cedar Knolls, NJ as the developer for the Post Office Redevelopment Project. 

As it previously announced, the Township Committee scheduled interviews with three developers for October 21st and 22nd. Earlier in the month, the developers met with the Design Review Committee of the Maplewood Village Alliance.

On November 5th, barring any last minute changes, the Township Committee will formally vote on a resolution designating JMF Properties as the preferred developer for the site. A 90-day period will be established to conclude negotiations with JMF regarding the purchase price and design elements of the building and site.

JMF is committed to constructing the building with external design features (upper floor setbacks, chamfered corners, etc.) and materials proposed by the previous developer and approved by the Board of the Maplewood Village Alliance. 

The project will include 23 apartments, about 6,000 square feet of retail space, and shopper parking in a new surface lot in rear of the building. 

The developer will no longer pursue a retail tenant to occupy the entire basement of the building. The basement will now be used primarily for underground tenant parking. The project is expected to start next year and be finished in 2016.

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