Friday, October 31, 2014


We've been following, or trying to follow, the disjointed efforts to limit the number of parents in classrooms at Tuscan school, and perhaps elsewhere, for months.

Principal Malikah Majeed has claimed the school is working with fire and town officials to fashion a uniform limitation. Either way, it is clear that only a few parents will be allowed into classes during events.

The first test of this will be today when schools have their annual Halloween parades and parties. Several teachers at Tuscan have already warned parents that no more than two or three can come into the classes. 

Majeed issued a notice to parents last week that stated only that parents need to obtain a pass from the class teacher to get into the classroom, it provided no specifics on limits.

Other longstanding rules limit when students can wear costumes, and others such as at Maplewood Middle School, ban wearing costumes at all.

We reached out to the district seeking some kind of guidance on what can be worn to school and how many parents can be in classes but have yet to hear back.

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