Tuesday, August 25, 2015


From Maplewood Police today:

 August 18, 2015; Burglary; At approximately 12:45 PM, an alert resident, notified the police department that two suspicious males had rung the door bell of a Oakland Rd home and then went into the rear yard. The police responded and found eighteen year old Ronaldo Morette and 19 year old Kervens Louis, both of Irvington, inside the home. They attempted to flee through the house, but were captured and arrested. They had gathered several items of value together that they intended to steal. Both individuals were charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief and were transported to Essex County jail after processing.

August 18, 2015; Burglary Attempt; During the morning hours individuals attempted to gain entry to a home on Parker Ave by breaking a glass pain in the rear door.  Entry was not made to the home. After an investigation Ronald Morette and kervens Louis, were also charged with this attempted burglary.

August 17, 2015; Burglary; At approximately 6:30 AM a Prospect St resident reported that they awoke and noticed their home had been entered sometime overnight. An ipad, purse and cash were reported stolen. Several of the items were recovered in the neighbor’s yard.

August 19, 2015; Theft of Rims/Tires; During the overnight hours the tires and rims were removed for a Grand Cherokee parked on Walton Rd.

August 19, 2015; Attempted Robbery; At approximately 8 PM a Maplewood Resident walking on S. 4th St was approached by approximately 6 males in their late teens or early 20’s. Three of the males approached him in the area of Hudson Ave and demanded his cell phone. Two neighbors that were on their porch observed this and began yelling at the group. This caused them to flee.  The victim was not injured.

August 20, 2015; Commercial Burglary; During the morning hours, the 76 Gas Station on Springfield Ave was forcibly entered. Cash and cigarettes were stolen.

August 22, 2015; Theft of Rims/Tires; At approximately 10:30 PM, tires and rims were stolen from two vehicles parked on Dunnell Rd near the train station.

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