Saturday, August 8, 2015


Maplewood girl Bea Miller, who rose to national stardom on The X Factor nearly three years ago, debuted her first album, Not An Apology, last week and it's getting some great reaction. 

It opened at #7 on the Billboard charts.

There is also this from The New York Times:
So here comes Bea Miller, not quite of outlaw stock but aggrieved all the same. Her debut, “Not an Apology” (Syco/Hollywood), is one of this year’s most exuberant pop album

The Star Ledger:

The 16-year-old Maplewood native is a real-life, budding star, with true fans and a catchy debut album on Hollywood Records, a label that also manages Demi Lovato, Grace Potter and Queen. She is also one of few contestants to find success after the FOX reality show, which failed to produce the stars of its "Idol" predecessor and was canceled in 2014.

The Miami Herald:

Looks are deceiving. Bea Miller can't be many inches over 5 feet tall, but boy, can this teenager belt out the tunes.

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She's also at Number 12 on SiriusXM's Singles list.

Order the music HERE. Hear our 2014 podcast with her HERE.

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