Monday, October 26, 2015


From Deputy Mayor Kathy Leventhal today:

Dear Maplewood Residents,

The Maplewood Green Team, working with other local green teams is the driver behind the Essex Community Energy Program.  In partnership with the NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program, we are getting the word out about energy audits.  Energy audits will help residents learn where and how their homes can use energy more efficiently, and make a plan for what can be done to decrease your energy costs while improving your home’s energy effectiveness.  The website is:

My husband, Jerry and I had an audit completed by a NJ EnergyStar Program Certified Contractor.  They walked through our home with us – even checking above the 3rd floor ceiling.  We received a report on where and how we were losing energy, and the solutions available to correct the problems.  Our report indicated remedies we could manage ourselves as well as, two solutions we chose to have the contractor arrange – insulation and switching over our family room ceiling lights to LED fixtures.  Other options, like a new heating system, are also available.

The financial incentives are what made it possible for us to afford to move forward with the solutions for our home.  First, was the rebate from the NJ Clean Energy Program, the maximum rebate amount for 2015-2016 is $4000.  Secondly, we have a no-interest loan for the remaining cost.  For us, and for most residents, the monthly loan payment is the same or less than the energy savings!

A great part of the financing is that our contractor did all the paperwork for us!  We just needed to provide a few documents – like you normally do for a loan – which they submitted.  We were notified about approval and setup the work schedule.  The work took a mere 3 days.

The change in the comfort of our home is remarkable.  As an example, we no longer turn the electric baseboard heat on in the office on our 3rd floor!
We recommend residents look into having an energy audit.  Information about the program, contractors and financing are here:

Kathy Leventhal, Deputy Mayor

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